Tuesday, February 26, 2019

RED WATERS -- By India R Adams

The Author said it Best
"There is no romance in sexual slavery--
There is confusion and lack of compassion on many sides
There is a disconnect between the abductors, sellers, buyers and victim".

I have have heard that abusers were often abused themselves at some point, which is the case
in this story.. It contains the inner workings of a sex slave ring--
the capturing , training, torture, and selling of human beings..
This was a dark read and not for the faint of heart-- it is a frightening world, but a
very real world in which no one is safe.
India has captured this world and brought it to light-- and the rawness and depths
are like an onion getting stronger and more revealing with each layer being removed
Applause to India-- another awesome read to her credit.

Monday, February 18, 2019

The Protected Witness -- By Al Macy

A man who is an accountant finds evidence that The President of the United States
moved eighty million dollars into a shell company, then in to off shore tax havens.
Then within a few weeks the government put down rebellion in Sudan with US troops and
another eighty million was moved .

I couldn't allow her to get away with this.. But how was I supposed to know
that other people would kill to protect her.. That innocent people would
get hurt and lose everything they had.
There were traitors in the FBI. People who knew about her crimes, and are loyal to her.
The author said it best," Im a whistle blower, and someone higher up
wants to silence me.
This team thats coming, they're going to kill me."
The President wants me and my assistant dead -- what choice do we have?
In order to survive we have to run , we have to hide.

Through a series of remarkable occurrences, and science. We were able to survive
and eventually the world would know exactly what had happened.
A fascinating good book, and one that I enjoyed very much.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Once Upon A [Fallen] Time (Stolen Series II) by Samreen Ahsan

We will begin with the Authors opening statements;
"Life is a tomb built on beautiful memories, ardous past , and afflicting pains
Its a sepulchral of emotions, truth, betrayals,lies and secrets- a catacomb
of haunted souls."

She peered into the mirror, and was literally pulled into the past by Prince Edward.
Was it Fate, Destiny, or ill fated Magic?
Her life as she knew it was gone --- and she was stuck centuries in the past.

The Prince loved her but was afraid of her, and he was also afraid of what his beast would do to her--
because as he said she came out of his dreams .

This woman.. I looked at her... she had given me hope...
hope for atonement and redemption.. hope to fill my life
with colors.. hope to breathe life into me .. hope to
find love.. someday.

Myra had brought life to a dead castle-- with her presence
sunshine was shining in Prince Edwards bed chamber,
laughter, and rain. Where there is sunshine and rain-- there is life.

This story has many twists and turns, and an unexpected ending.
I agree with others who say this series belong in the movies -- trust me
this is MOVIE worthy.. The author left nothing to chance-- she filled
in every possible detail, with exact precision. This was an excellant read--
one that I truly didnt want to see end.

Monday, February 11, 2019

The Missing - By Jeremy Forsyth

This story is about many things -- but is centered around the kidnapping of an infant baby girl that was murdered.
Her father was accused and found quilty -- which he wasnt. Friends and co-workers leading double lives and destroying
many in the process.People not being who you thought they were. All for Ego and or Religious practices, each trying to be the better
man or in this case the better Elf clan. Who was right and who was wrong? Who knows?
There was a dream where some things were mentioned to make the reader think and I will end this review with just some of them.
If you believe in God or anything, consider these questions;
a) why are you afraid all the time?
b) Why do you doubt your worth?
c) What power do I really have, if you go about life in constant struggle?
This was an exceptional read and if I could I would have given it an easy 10 star rating.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Unmarriageable -- by Soniah Kamal

This opens to a young English Literature Teacher in Pakistan. She
is working  in the professional field, to help care and support her aging father.
Her mother was just the opposite -- some what believing  it was the destiny of
every single , young girl -  to fish  for the right husband.Which is determined by
wealth, status,position, or amenities.

the  author said it best,"Welcome to a womans world, where we  are  valued for tits, ass,womb,sometimes
earning capacity, but all else being servile brainless twits.Have you any idea what it feels like to want  to be  liked for your
brains and instead be coveted for your  body?"
This writer writes with dignity and conviction showing the world  the culture  of her  country, and its tradition regarding a womans
destiny or place within their  culture.
This book shows the struggles of an educated unmarried woman -- who believes that being  a wife and a mother  is  not
 the  only road a woman has in this  life. This was a  very interesting  and informative book.

Friday, February 1, 2019

The Broken Rose- by Jeremy Forsyth

This story has many possibilities, and many possible meanings. When you look at the meaning of the white rose it
suggests a symbol of honor, reverence secrecy ,worthiness, innocence , and purity. The readers finds all of these symbols throughout
the entire story. Visions and Prophecy are key elements, and play major roles in this story.
When you read the story you find an innocent maid removed from the city -- and it appears that she is dismissed for practicing
the Old Ways-- but in truth she was removed for her own safety, due to a vision that fore warned of
impending danger to her if she remained. The white rose symbolizes secrecy.
Things aren't always what they seem. As is the case with Jay and his friend Lardian. The white rose
symbolizes honor and reverence.
This could also show us the reasoning of secrecy of the Old Ways.
The author said it best," Elves who had still held fast to the old gods have waged a secret and eternal war against believers
of Adonai ever since - the Silent War,
It dated back to the Great Split during
the First Moon - when the First Elder declared Adonai the one true God of the Moon Elves.
He had ordered the images and idols of the old gods to be burned.
This has a lot to do with the divisions of the elves and why they hated each other.
Currently the Moon Elves are ruling the land -- but a vision to the Blade Master warns him
the Father of the Sun; the Highborn immortal, Asharal Evening The Father of the Sun looked at me. “Know this Moon Elf.
Though the Moon has overcome the Sun, the Highborn s are eternal and are therefore, content to wait," his pale eyes piercing my soul.
The utter contempt I had perceived in them, I could recall, had been extremely unsettling.
When I hear that death has claimed you, the fight for the Middle Islands will begin again.”
In the mean time the remaining Old Way followers remain in secret, and will kill as many of the Moon Elves as possible.
So our story continues.... A Very Excellent read !!! I love the many layers this story has --

Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Evening Tide - By Jeremy Forsyth

This is a story about the present ruling class of The Wind elves,
the contenders The Sun Elves, and a prophecy.
We are introduced to a family; the father is a fisherman, a hard working mother,
and a young maid named Elwyn.
Asharal the highborn Sun Elf with a high society type personality
where he is uncomfortable around those he deems as beneath himself.
He also has some deep seeded personal issues stemming from pain and hatred from
personal tragedy. He has a devoted brother who constantly is nearby to
protect his brother with powerful magic.These brothers have a sister and are complete together
forming a strong loving devoted family bond.
As the story unfolds we see how the rise of power and the take over develops,
and through circumstances Elwyn is murdered.
The reader is faced with deciding what the murderer felt, possibly regret,jealousy,
sorrow? Murder, and intrigue is all around. The rise of a new kingdom, and a new
ruler. A new way of life for all of the elven peoples.
A very very good read. The writer knows how to develop characters that
are believable. And a story-line that is strong and unique.